Truck Scales

It has been said that American business rides on trucks. Many business not only ride on trucks but depend on truck scales day-in and day-out to weigh trucks accurately and efficiently.
Bitterman Scales specializes in helping businesses for which truck weighing is crucial to their operation. Having an inferior truck scale in place can be a real curse– an ongoing and expensive headache. And when you’re down, you need a responsive, competent truck scale repair company to get you up an running as soon as possible.

Bitterman Scales is the experienced choice for weighing solutions of all types, but truck scales are our specialty. While we service all makes and models of truck scales, we primarily sell and install premium models. Most of our clients can not afford to be down, so they can must have the right equipment in place.

Some clients only need a medium or light-duty scale. In that case, we have economical models that can fit the need.

Whether you have an immediate need or are just beginning to think through the advantages of adding a truck scale to your business operation, you owe it to yourself to put the experience of Bitterman Scales on your side.

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