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Bitterman Scales helps its clients find dependable weighing solutions. It begins with consulting with clients about their weighing needs, and then prescribing, selling, installing, calibrating, maintaining, troubleshooting, and repairing scales and weighing systems to fit those needs. Bitterman Scales is especially known for its dependable local calibration services, installing new truck scales, overhauling and relocating used truck scales, installing tank and hopper weighing systems, and providing weights for industrial load strain tests on bridge cranes and others heavy lifting devices. The Bitterman family of scale technicians has been serving Lancaster County and central Pennsylvania businesses since 1961. Its team of technicians and vehicle fleet serve customers in southcentral and southeastern Pennsylvania and parts of northern Maryland.

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When you purchase a new scale, it needs to be calibrated for use. Without calibration, the scale is just showing numbers on a display. Scale calibration ensures that the numbers on the display correlate to the actual amount of weight on the...

Scale Service Technician Volunteers with TMI

Interview with Curt Bitterman The following is an interview with Curt Bitterman, Sr. Weighing Consultant and Scale Service Technician at Bitterman Scales LLC, Lancaster, PA. Almost every year since 1972, Curt has volunteered his time to help...

Customer Feedback

I choose Bitterman Scales LLC because of their prompt response to service calls. I believe they have a very skilled and courteous service staff. They always ask my staff if it is a good time to work on a particular piece of equipment and try not to interrupt our work schedule. A good company to work with. –Fred Hess, Operations Manager, Hess Bros. Fruit Co., Leola, PA

Bitterman Scales LLC has been performing US Concrete Precast’s (scale) calibrations since the 1970’s, but that doesn’t mean they can’t adapt to new technology quickly. In 2003, we brought a new batch plant mixer on our line, and even with the new system, they had absolutely no problems working with our new equipment and they adjusted accordingly. Not only are they very skilled at what they do, they are also flexible. I could ask them to come at 5 a.m. or 12 p.m. and they would be here with no questions asked. I sincerely look forward to their visits. –Eric Freed

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