Hydraulic Scales

Electronic load cells can be wonderful… until. Until they have to live in the real world with harsh environmental conditions. If you were an electronic load cell, your arch enemies would be water (humidity, washdown cleaning, rain, ice) and electrical surges (including lightning).

Hydrostatic load cells drive a stake in the heart of these common problems. How? By operating on the basis of a totally different technology; namely, hydraulic (aka Hydrostatic®, Hytronic®, or Guardian®) load cells. With hydraulic scales there are no electronics at the point of use. Although they can interface with electronic equipment, delivering all the benefits of electronics, the weighing mechanisms themselves are totally impervious to moisture and electrical surge damage. That’s why hydrostatic load cells can offer something no electronic load cell ever could: a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!

Hydrostatic load cells can be applied to a wide variety of weighing equipment, but they are especially used in truck scales, tank scales, and wash down floor scales. Truck scales are often outside in the elements and have to endure heavy use, dirt, wetness, corrosive materials, rodents, and lightning. Food processing plants love hydraulic scales because they have to constantly wash down their ingredient hoppers– often with high-pressure, hot water. Try doing that to electronics for very long! There is simply no better way for your quarry, scrap metal yard, feed mill, food processing plant, or other business to arm itself against moisture ingress and electrical surges than by installing hydraulic load cells.

What are Hydraulic load cells, and who is using them? Bitterman Scales is an authorized dealer and distributor for the main two hydraulic scale manufacturers: Emery Winslow Scale Company and Cardinal Scale Manufacturing Company. In this way, we can provide our clients with the best hyraulic weighing products on the market today.

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