Counting Scales

When you need to count lots of small parts– especially around inventory time– there’s nothing like a counting scale to save time and effort. Knowing the sample weight of a single item, a counting scale can compute the number of parts in a container– whether it’s a hand full of plastic fasteners, a bucket of bolts, or a pallet load of books.

There are quite a number of counting scales to choose from, and that is why it is essential that you know exactly how you will be using it. How much will you be weighing at one time? What is the size of the smallest piece you will be counting? How accurate do you need to be? Do you need or want your counting scale to communicate with a computer? Do you want or need your scale to read barcodes and/or print barcodes on labels?

In addtion to “stand alone” units, counting scales can interface with your computer network and/or Inventory Manangement System (IMS). This allows you to track your inventory, either for periodic inventory counts or for ongoing, real-time inventory management.

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