Digital Displays

Digital displays (aka “indicators” or “weight meters”) do more than tell you the weight on the scale platform, they actually power the electronic load cells in the scale and register their response. The more sophisticated they are, the more capabilities they have to process information, execute a weighing sequence, or communicate with peripheral devices, such as a printer, computer, or remote display unit. On many electronic scales, the indicator is housed within the scale frame. On other scales, the weighing platform is separated from the digital display, which is mounted on desktop, wall, or panel.

Indicators vary in terms of their National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) rating. Indicators used in dry office or warehouse environments can get away with an ABS plastic housing (like the RL 120). When dust or moinsture is an issue, however, a NEMA 4X (dust and water tight) housing is required, usually made from stainless steel and sealed well.

For simple weighing operations, a basic indicator that displays the weight is sufficient; however, if the the weighing sequence is sophisticated, you may need a “smart indicacator” that can be programmed to meet your custom weighing needs (e.g., 720i, 820i, or 920i).

No matter how simple or complex your application is, Bitterman Scales can help you choose the right instrumentation.

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