Rice Lake RoughDeck® Stainless Steel Quick Clean

The RoughDeck QC is engineered for frequent and thorough cleaning  and wash down.  The deck surface lifts up to allow for easy cleaning under the deck. The electronic load cells are welded for IP67 level protection from water.

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Engineered for frequent and thorough cleaning, the RoughDeck QC is an ideal washdown scale. When constant cleaning is a concern, Rice Lake's RoughDeck Stainless Steel Quick Clean can "lift" away your concerns.

Standard Features 

  • Rugged washdown design
  • Smooth, 304 stainless steel top deck
  • Four stainless steel, welded seal IP67, shear beam load cells
  • Rigid 304 stainless steel tube frame
  • Remote TullSeal™ JB4SS stainless steel NEMA 4X junction box
  • Four adjustable stainless steel SUREFOOT support feet
  • 20 ft of SURVIVOR® EL147HE hostile environment load cell cable
  • Manual drop-in-place safety bar
  • 3/16" thick top plate
  • SlipNOT® (optional) state-of-the-art slip-resistant surface is the long-term solution for accident-free performance.

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