Load Cells

Decades ago, most scales were based on mechanical technology, and used a system of levers and pivots to accomplish the task of weighing. Mechanics have been overtaken by load cells– most of which are electronic. Electronic load cells are pieces of engineered metal that bend (ever so slightly) when stressed by an applied weight. This bending is measured electronically in such a way that the resulting electronic signal can be displayed numerically on a digital indicator. Since electronic load cells are prone to damage by moisture, electrical surges, and lightning, hydrostatic load cells have been developed for environmentallly hazardous weighing applications, including: truck scales, rail scales, floor scales, bench scales, and even crane scales.

If your scale needs to operate in difficult conditions, then hydrostatic just may be the best way to go. In Central PA only Bitterman Scales can offer you mechanical, electronic, and hydrostatic scales options.

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