If money were no object, then buying a new truck scale with every feature and capability would be the way to go. Since we live in the real world, however, and money is a real consideration, buying a used truck scale can be a viable option for your business.  The costs can be significantly lower, while providing most of the benefits you need.

Although a used truck scale generally has a lower price tag, it remains a significant investment, and requires much of the same thoughtful preparation as a new scale—sometime more.  A number of bridges must be crossed before an actual used scale becomes available. Following these steps can help you to secure a good used truck scale for your business.

Preparing to Buy a Good Used Truck Scale

1. Define and quantify your need.

You should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why do I want a truck scale?
  • How will it benefit my business?
  • What will happen to my business if I don’t get one?  What other realistic options do I have?

These questions need to be discussed among all those who will be affected by having the scale in place.

2. Define the capabilities of the truck scale scale system you need.

If you determine that your need for a truck scale is real, the next step is to define the future scale’s required capabilities and specifications: length, width, total capacity, axle capacity, commercial/public vs. non-commercial/internal use, and so forth.  Some of these requirements will be necessary (“must have”), while others will be marginal (“like to have”).  Bitterman Scales can provide you with a *free* questionnaire to help you ask the right questions; just contact us and request it.

3. Get budget approval.

A significant business investment like this is not usually paid out of petty cash; therefore, it needs to have the necessary budget approvals in place beforehand so that decisive action can be taken when a qualified used truck scale becomes available. Good buying opportunities often pass by because there simply is not enough time to get approvals quickly.

4. Work with an experienced and reputable scale company.

Experienced truck scale technicians can help you avoid a lot of mistakes. They can help you locate a good scale, or evaluate one you find on your own. They can perform repairs (if needed), including overhauls or structural strengthening before you put the scale into service for the next 20 years. They can install your scale correctly so that it doesn’t wear out prematurely. After the scale is installed, they can help to maintain your used truck scale for accurate, elongated service. There are many variables involved in this process; therefore, it is of utmost importance to work with a used truck scale specialist you can trust.

If you are buying a box of cereal or a gallon of milk (a fairly well known and defined commodity), then shopping for the best price makes sense. But when you’re buying professional expertise to help you navigate a custom process, it pays to have the right guide at your side.

Following these four steps will help you prepare to purchase a good used truck scale that will render many years of beneficial service to your business.

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